A Simple Step to Online Business Success


At the beginning of running an online business... It would be nice if we could have a big picture first before stepping up and then getting battered, because it doesn't have a road map.

The big picture in my experience and that of successful people is very important.

The reason why I in the early years didn't immediately speed and make a lot of profit was because of the absence of this "big picture".

So I strongly encourage you to look for big pictures of online business, before you decide to speed in online business.

Well from what I've been running all along, and what I've learned from the best, then the big picture of online business success steps are these 5 things:
1. Find a hungry market on the internet.

The Internet is a huge market, because with Indonesian alone, there are at least 35 million people who already use the internet. But, of course, not all of these 35 million people are your market.

You should look for a hungry market that is interested and wants to buy answers to their problems.

Coming to them with the product you think they will want is the fault of most people on the Internet.

Choosing a market needs to do a lot of research on what many people are looking for on the Internet.

2. Meet the product / Create the product.

If you can't make your own product, you can sell someone else's product. There are many people who can create products on the Internet, well our job is to search, and then sell those products to hungry markets that want them.

Without the product, there would be no sales, and without sales there would be no profit, it was as simple as that.

3. Bring in many visits and make them loyal customers.

With products in hand that you can offer to a hungry market, then one task you then is to bring many visits to your products and services / others earlier, and then make them customers for life.

Because, a great advantage is not obtained by serving people only once but instead of serving them many times later.

Therefore, we must make a good product, and of course build a list of names, so that we can sell and offer to our list of names the next products.

4. Create a more expensive advanced product (backend).

Once you can make your own product, you can create or find someone else's product that is more expensive to offer to your list of names / customers. Your profits will grow. And you have a lot of offers to offer.

5. Duplicate the above 4 steps for other products or different markets.

Simple isn't it? If you already know the big picture, then running a business on the Internet will be much easier and simpler.

Focus on the above, learn to do market research, always think what many people want that suit your passion, what many people are looking for where you have an interest in the field.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be a provider of what many people want in your field.

Then create/find a product that will satisfy their desires. And bring a lot of visits to your product / others earlier, continue to offer them with the next products and make them customers.

And then duplicate it for different markets or fields or different products.

What do you think?

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