If you don't take action, nothing happens.

If I look back, why do I have a lot of classified ads, why this blog can have 600 articles and the arrival of many people every day, even WITHOUT the slightest bit of promotion again.

Why is it that almost every day there are people who buy my products. then why well every day my adsense results keep coming in.... so that every month can cash in "western union" and go home with money.

Sometimes I think, what caused it all to happen? Because we always learn from every event whether it is good or bad, then I try to analyze what I did in the past that caused it.

And of course, one of the most REAL answers is because at any given moment I once took the DECISION to create a blog called this kerjakeras.com. Then I did the first post. I take action from what I decide.

And yes, I decided to sit down for hours writing down my experience and making it an ebook like: seach engine secrets, How to Create a Blog etc. Even for a year, you could say I became very focused, to complete 3 projects simultaneously. Wow... I do multi-tasking, and it requires a high level of focus. There's hardly much I thought about in those 9- 12 months.

Result? I managed to launch 7 products at that time, still survive 5 products until now. Successfully launched and raised 10 classified ads, which are now already 50 classified ads.

And managed to raise this blog into 200 posts and now it has 600 posts with a top 1 position in many keywords. Even in very good keywords like: "Learn Business Online" and "Learn Internet Business" I occupy positions 1 to 3.

All this happened in just 9 to 12 months, and was based on a decision, that I had to get up and "do something". I had to take action, and I couldn't back down. I couldn't stop halfway through, once the decision had already been made. I have to keep going.

Why? Because I'm on a kepepet. I went bankrupt in 2007, due to misinvesting or "being hit by tuition" in the fore business. . I'm not saying that people can't succeed there, but for me, it's still tuition and hasn't gained. And I never know when I'll "invest forex" again. Obviously, I decided to build a real business and assets. All I can control, with my name on it as the owner.

A business that can be very profitable if you do it right, and it can be said, because I sell my own products / services with a potential profit of almost 100% then I must be profitable, not a foreign exchange investment, although it is all good things that we do also invest. Building a business is an investment, because in the future you will have assets that will continue to produce.

That's how I feel now. Because of my decision to rise from adversity, from learning, I finally built 3 major assets: kerjakeras.com blog, 7 information products, 50 classified ads in just one year. And now I enjoy the fruit, because almost every day, every month, I make from those 3 assets. It pays off how it invests time, effort and money when building it the first year. Strive? Of course, precisely because I was deciding to go to war with my slump at that time I named this blog kerjakeras.com. Because I know, when big decisions are taken, there's no relaxation there.

At least I was being chased for debt every month that I had to pay back then, while my online business "Fall flat on face" aka zero, tone, zilch.
So, you can also start from minus like me, or start with still having debt. It's important to know what you need to do. Just making decisions without knowing what you need to do doesn't produce much either. But if you've decided really to fight, then I'm sure God will open the way and you'll find out how.

Sometimes your failure is a temporary failure even a blessing in disguise like the one I experienced. My "bankruptcy" was the beginning of a business empire, the beginning of the formation of an asset, my "indignation" because I had to "crawl from below" made me quickly rise to the top. Like basketball mentally up, in a year I was "in control" again, and could even hire staff and pay almost all my debts. It even improves and strengthens everything.

Well, poverty, bankruptcy, defeat, is not the end of everything, IF you learn from it. It is precisely they can be your greatest friends that when you look back, you are grateful because of poverty, debt, defeat while that's what makes you extraordinary success then.

Obviously, you have to keep going, no matter what happens with your life, or wherever you are in your current life. Believe that you can build something BIG. That you will benefit many people. And do something! Take action. Otherwise it would just be a dream. While time continues to pass. Don't let the time you are able to do you don't do, and later, because time is very FAST running, not felt, age continues to grow, while not much is produced, because you never make a decision that you really follow up.

Take action my friend. Make defeat a victory. Make hunger a suppressant of lust and a time for self-introspection like this holy month. When it's not good we are trained to be patient and keep taking action!
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