Is It True that Culinary Business Has the Potential to Generate Big Profits

It is no secret that the culinary industry is one of the best-selling and in demand businesses in Indonesia. Food that is the main need of every human being and the amount of profit generated that almost reaches double the cost of production often makes many entrepreneurs tempted to taste and develop their business in this field.

 It is not wrong if many think like that because many culinary entrepreneurs who have been successful and generate turnover in large numbers, but especially young entrepreneurs who will taste the world often only see the end result without seeing the process that has been faced by entrepreneurs who have been successful before.

Undergoing this culinary business requires passion not just relying on managers or chefs. Business owners need to actively conduct quality control, engagement to consumers, to take care of marketing and finance from their business, and this can only be done if they have a passion in this business. 

To get into this business, entrepreneurs must know the difficulties and challenges they will face. Many newcomers who make it easy to do the food and beverage business and often underestimate the challenges that often come and leave everything only to managers and chefs without wanting to jump directly. Usually, this kind of business age will not last long.

It has grown and the rise of the culinary business today, demanding newcomers to be more creative and innovative in serving and offering their food and drinks to consumers. It is necessary to create a UNIQUE characteristic both in terms of taste, appearance or promotion in accordance with the concept you will present. USP or Unique Selling Point that you will sell does not have to be 100% original, you can do AN ATM (Observe, Imitate, Modify) from existing business concepts. But it needs to be underlined, there needs to be certain characteristics that are thick with your culinary business so that it will create WOM (Word of Mouth) among consumers. Remember! Consumers are the best sales for our business.

Position determines performance. This slogan also applies to culinary entrepreneurs who will hold business outlets. It is necessary to study whether the location of the outlet is an ant line or not. As good and unique as our culinary business if no one does the transaction then the big profit obtained is just a figment. 

Determining the segment that will be our target market must also be done. Whether middle up, middle low, teenage or professionals to go to. Do not let the planned concept can not capture your target market. This needs to be determined from the beginning of planning.

And keep in mind, this culinary business is not an instant business that immediately generates turnover and large profits in a short time. You have to go through each process first and complete challenge after challenge that comes, so you will move up the 'class'. And if you manage to survive, then the end result is a big profit. 

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