The Importance of 'Over Delivered' Or Giving More In Online Business!

If we deliver more than we promise, then we are called: "Over Deliver".

Well try to imagine, if you buy something to the market, then by the shop owner you are given instead of 1 kg of rice, but still plus a handful of rice, of course you will be happy, right?

What if then the owner also gives two pieces of ginger, then still given a thick plastic bag so that your rice does not fall easily. Shirt.. Then the seller is also very polite and sincerely grateful because you have been shopping there.

I'm sure you'll be shopping at the same place all over again, right?

We love being treated well, given more than we expected.

That's why, being over delivered is also very important in online business.

Your product buyers, your subscribers, people who visit blogs, they all expect to get more than what you and I promised.

Being a person who is always over deliver is not easy, it takes an effort intentionally.

Imagine if you were known as a person who always over delivered. I'm sure it will be easy for you to make a profit on the Internet and wherever you venture.

I believe over deliver comes from the golden rule:

Do what you want others to do to you.

If we want our customers to be happy and keep buying from us then, we have to pay attention to their passion this one, that they want to be pampered, they want to feel lucky for buying from us.

They are happy when what they have spent painstakingly gets more than they expected.

So how do you get over delivered?

1. Always be open mind and keep learning.

So there is always a stock of knowledge and tips that you can share with those who need it in the future.

After all, you can't give what you don't have, right?

2. Believe that there is no scarcity in this world, only abundance.

I get this thing from "The Secret" That in this world, many people feel envious of others, because he feels that if someone else is rich, then this rich man has taken the cake part of it. So that the chance of an envious person becoming rich becomes smaller.

He thinks that there is scarcity in the world, when in fact the truth is: Abundance.

There is always a new way of doing things, there will always be new techniques or new alternatives to things.

Even if certain natural resources become depleted, it will be found replacement resources etc.

So the world is abundant. Imagine if that way of thinking that we have, of course we can give freely and more what we want to give 'without fear of lack'.

3. Make it a habit to always give more than asked.

If you sell a website create guide for example, then give something free as a surprise bonus for them.

If you sell other people's products, then try to add extra something that will benefit them.

Add value always to their lives, their business, more than what you get instead.

Trust me, you will always be given luck and there will be many windfalls out of nowhere. Because the world adheres to a system of abundance. You will receive a lot, what you give freely.

Don't believe what I'm saying, try it yourself!
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